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Ladbrokes Review

Ladbrokes Review

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“Ladbrokes offerings such as Mobile Betting, Live In-Play Betting, and Ladbrokes TV means we absolutely love betting at They also provide generous Bonuses/Promotions, great Customer Service 24/7 and you can be assured your bets and funds are 100% safe.”

Horse Racing & Football

Ladbrokes is focused mainly on two kinds of sports, Horse Racing and Ladbrokes Football. Their coverage on these two sports is simply wonderful.  They offer a large number of betting markets in both Racing and Ladbrokes Football with some of the Best odds available online.

Ladbrokes Live / In Play offerings are really good!  Their website, although lacking in the ‘wow factor’ is actually extremely quick which is a massive plus when betting live.  Ladbrokes Football make sure they offer all the popular live bets including Next Scorer, Total Goals, Number of cards and the odds offered on these markets are usually very competitive.


Sign Up Bonuses / Promotions

 The Sign up Bonuses and Promotions offer are extremely good.  Their promotions are usually based around Football and Horse Racing and they can be quite quirky at times but they always offer exceptional value for the punter.  They also offer quite a few Free Bets which is a major plus when trying to find an Online Bookmakers.  Why not CLICK HERE to head on over and check out their promotions and bonuses on offer

Other Stuff…  

 On top of Ladbrokes Football, they do cover other sporting events as well, with adequate coverage. Not to mention, that whenever you need assistance right away from them, they are capable of providing you with quick and excellent service. You can receive assistance at any time because they provide, as mentioned earlier, 24/7 services to people who join them. You can contact through the use of a telephone or through email and when you do make an inquiry, they are sure to respond as fast as possible. These are the reasons why their reputation is revered highly by bettors, because the bettors are given the convenience of betting and solution to every problem they might encounter.

Although Ladbrokes is an excellent betting company, as well as great in online betting services, they have a few minor flaws that should be noticed. Take note that these minor flaws do not affect their integrity when it comes to safe betting in any way. To clarify, these minor flaws can almost be ignored since they do not have any effect in the safety of your betting; the minor flaws are the following: First of all, it is just that their website is a little outdated that lacks certain functions for convenience. Secondly, the other minor flaw would be that their coverage of sports betting does not include much outside of the European continent. That is basically it.

To sum it all up, if you compare the positive features to their negative setbacks, the positive features significantly outweigh the negatives. Now, for a list of the pros and cons of Ladbrokes:


  • Fast and Excellent Service 24/7
  • Great Coverage on Football and Horse Racing
  • Offers Certain Features such as the Mobile Betting, Ladbrokes TV (good to watch Ladbrokes Football), etc.
  • Safe and Secured Betting, Thus Their Revered Reputation
  • Employees are Well-Informed as well as able to give intelligible responses
  • One of the few Online Bookmakers that accept Paypal


  • Not much coverage outside of Europe
  • Their website is a little outdated

The integrity of Ladbrokes is phenomenal, wherein you can trust that every one of your bets is safe and secured.  Why not head on over to and join up to take advantage of their market leading facilities….good luck!!

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